Questions Frequently Asked

Do you sell Internationally?

Yes, possibly. If you are not located in the U.S. and are interested in purchasing one of my pieces, please send me an email via "contact" on this site. Usually I am able to send you the piece, but will need to figure out shipping and handling fees.

When do you ship the pieces after purchasing?

I ship once payment is received. If you paid with credit card, it takes 2 days to process payment. Once payment is received, I will ship your piece!

If a bud vase with a specific paper color is sold out, can I order one of the same color?

Well, that is a yes and no answer. You see, each vase is totally unique and one of a kind. But, I do have more paper of certain mixes and could possibly get close to what you like. So send me an email via "contact" and tell me what you like. I will be happy to look into it!

Is the work on your main site for sale too?

Yes, some of them are. Please send me an email regarding any work you are interested in and we can discuss!

Are you making more vases/functional objects?

Yes. Some of the functional art objects I make in batches, and continue to make. Email me via "contact" let me know what you desire and I will let you know. Visit the site often to see what's new or I can put you on my mailing list so you get updates when they happen. Just send me your email via "contact" and ask to be put on the list!

How long does it take to ship the piece?

I ship standard priority/first class. Usually between 3 - 7 days for smaller pieces. Larger pieces may take longer if crating/packing is involved.

Do you have more work?

Yes. You can check out my Instagram feed to see my sculptures:

Any unanswered questions?