Dancer #1


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I created this artwork by drawing and manipulating lines in a digital drawing program. I discovered that when I altered certain segments of lines it became too challenging for the program to handle and it would just spit out new groups of lines. At first the new lines seemed completely random and out of my control. But after reshaping certain lines I eventually found a way to work with the random line splattering. I realized this new way of working was a technique akin to the splatter technique used in painting. The painter learns to loosely control the splattering of paint, but the very nature of the process is somewhat unpredictable and dynamic.

Giclée print
Size: 30″w x 30″h
Ink Type: Archival / pigment
Paper Type: Archival / 100% cotton
Limited Edition: 75

Note  Each print is made per order. Once purchased I will email you an estimated printing timeframe. Printing usually takes 2-5 days. If you prefer, feel free to contact me prior to purchasing for a timeframe estimate.

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